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A wedding video complements the photos by capturing the emotions, movements and sounds of the day. While photos offer beautiful snapshots, your video will capture the atmosphere, the speeches, the music and the small gestures that bring the special moments to life. The combination of the two creates a complete keepsake.

Your wedding video will become more valuable over time because it allows you to relive the day year after year. You can remember details that you might have forgotten, your children and future generations can get an insight into this special day. The emotions and memories captured in a video will grow in importance over time and become a treasured heirloom.

Yes, I work closely with all service providers, especially the photographer. This ensures that we don’t get in each other’s way and that all the important moments are captured on video as well as in photos. A good working relationship ensures the day runs smoothly and the best possible results for you.

My video technology is compact and efficient. My equipment is specially selected for weddings to be unobtrusive and flexible.

I use high-quality but compact cameras and equipment that take up little space and do not disturb you or your guests. My aim is to capture the special moments without interfering with the flow of the day.

I understand that the wedding ceremony is a very emotional and intimate moment. To ensure that the ceremony remains undisturbed, I work with unobtrusive, compact equipment and move discreetly in the background. Before the wedding, I will discuss the schedule and your wishes with you to plan the best positions for the shots without obstructing the guests’ view or being disruptive. My aim is to capture the emotions and special moments without you or your guests noticing. So you can fully enjoy the moment while I capture the memories.

  • Cost: Many grooms see a wedding video as an additional and unnecessary expense. It’s important to remember that your wedding video is a long-term investment in your memories. The emotional and historical significance of your video far outweighs the cost.
  • Rare viewing: A common doubt is that the video will rarely be viewed after the wedding. However, many couples cherish their wedding video more and more over time. It is often viewed on anniversaries, family celebrations or simply to reminisce and thus gains emotional value.
  • In addition, you can also share your wedding video with work colleagues by having it on your cell phone. This also allows colleagues who are not part of your closest circle of friends and were therefore not invited to be part of it.
  • Feeling unnatural: Some grooms are worried that they will feel uncomfortable in front of the camera or that filming will disrupt the natural flow of the day. I work discreetly and with compact equipment so that you are barely aware that you are being filmed. This makes it possible to capture the natural and informal moments.
  • Don’t like being in front of the camera: Many grooms feel uncomfortable posing and standing in front of the camera. I understand this and make sure that the shots are as unobtrusive and relaxed as possible. It’s about capturing authentic and natural moments without you having to pretend.
  • Additional service providers and extra work: Another common reason is the concern that yet another service provider at the wedding will require additional work and arrangements. Grooms often fear that this will lead to additional stress. However, I work closely with you and the other service providers to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • During the consultation, I record all the processes and obtain the contact details of your service providers. I take over the entire organization and ensure smooth coordination so that you can sit back and relax.
  • Usefulness: Grooms often wonder whether a video is really necessary if there are already photos. A video complements photos by capturing movements, sounds and emotions that photos alone cannot. It provides a deeper and richer memory of the day.

It is understandable that an additional service provider at your wedding may initially raise concerns. As an experienced wedding videographer, I clarify all the details and procedures during the consultation. This also includes the organization of the transfer with my own vehicle for the arrival and departure as well as between the different locations on the wedding day, such as from Getting Ready to the main location. In addition, I take care of my booking of overnight stays and hotel organization, if necessary. This way I can ensure that everything runs smoothly and professionally while you can fully concentrate on your special day.

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